The Hanged Man

I was 14 when the towers fell, when the world turned upside down. I’ve learned everything of significance within that time. I’ve had to suspend myself a great many times since then.


Deciding how to Decide

When I approach a group I’d like to collaborate with, one of the first questions I ask is “how do you decide”. The answer gives me a good impression of where that group is at. Often the answer is confused and unclear. Most groups, I find, coast along with implicit decision-making processes until a challenging decision appears, so they are stuck having to decide how to decide with a contentious decision hanging over them. As you might expect it’s better for groups to figure this out before that happens.

a disassembled gun on a table

Power Over Can’t Be Hidden

No matter how flat the power structure, no matter how democratic a group claims to be, if there is someone in the group who can at any moment pick up the phone and have armed police come and veto any decision made by the collective, there is a tricky power dynamic.

Polarity Group Exercise

how do you hold multiple divergent perspectives without needing to collapse them down to unity?


Self Portrait 2019

Becoming is a lifelong process, in this post I describe the story of how this self portrait, a snapshot of that process, came into being over 6 years.


Rocky Mountain Pod Project Branding and Web Design

The journey taken to create a brand logo and website for the Rocky Mountain Pod Project. A group fostering small intimate groups around mutual aid in the Rocky Mountain region.


Transforming Conflict with a Culture Committee

Conflict will arise in groups, what we do with that conflict can be the difference between falling apart or becoming stronger. In this post I outline a simple conflict transformation process you can implement and dive into putting together a Culture Committee to address conflicts within a group.

Reflections on Distributed Care in Organizations

I recently attended a online class put on by The Hum around care support in organizations. Care labor is an often unseen and unaccounted form of labor within teams. As Rich said “the snacks don’t just appear out of thin air at a meeting” someone takes the time to care to put them there. How can organizations take better care of those who care?

The Shut Down of a Pro Police Rally

We begin the short march down the street, past the homeless encampment, to Civic Center Park amphitheater. There was a cacophony of noisemakers, clanging pots, whistles, and blow horns. The throngs of counter-protesters engulf the east and south sides of the amphitheater.


Where #Karen demands undue respect and acquiescence. Karyn is striving to do her best every day.

Civic Engagement to end Police Violence

I’m trying to deepen my involvement in local politics. It’s hard to understand and follow who my representatives are, what they are doing, and how


Sounds of Protest May 30th, 2020

Sound mash up of records I took on May 30th, 2020 in Downtown Denver during the beginning days of the George Floyd protests.

Weval – Someday Video

Outstanding video of shape and form. One commented called it “Koyaanisqatsi on Ketamine”