Pinecone Tattoo Timelaps

Things I use

  • sterile 05RL needle
  • black ink
  • Hustle butter (lubricate skin while poking)
  • plastic needle holder wrapped in saran wrap with some athletic tape for grip
  • Stencil Stuff
  • surgical gloves
  • green soap
  • paper towels
  • tattoo transfer paper
  • dental bib
  • germicide
  • saniderm bandage

Three step process

  1. put on gloves, clean the surface with germicide, layout saran wrap on surfaces and the dental bib
    • goop out Hustle Butter, fill ink caps with ink and sterile water, along with a squirt of Stencil Stuff
    • apply stencil and let dry
    • open and prepare needle(s)
  2. put on new gloves and start to tattoo. From here I will never open any of my reservoirs (ink, hustle butter, etc). Assume your everything you touch is now contaminated with body fluids.
    • finish and put the needle in sharpes container.
    • (take a picture of the tattoo!!)
  3. put on new gloves. Cut out saniderm bandage and apply it to the tattoo. Wrap up everything in the saran wrap and throw it all away (in a biohazard trash bin if you have one).
    • clean tools and area with germicide




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