The Hanged Man

I’ve been thinking about the people clinging to planes leaving Afghanistan, falling to their death. It reminded me of the falling man captured from the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center. There’s a morbid sort of symmetry to it. The Iranian news already pointed this out:

Ending as it began: Iranian press compares Afghans falling from US planes  to 9/11 jumpers — RT World News

In the Tarot, the hanged man willingly suspends himself to see the world through a new perspective. Here these people aren’t willingly suspending themselves, but I do think by looking at these images we can suspend our notions and see the world from a different angle. What is the lesson here? What have the last 20 years taught us?

I was 14 when the towers fell, when the world turned upside down. I’ve learned everything of significance within that time. I’ve had to suspend myself a great many times since then.





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