I do hand-poked Tattoos for friends. Here’s how it works:

  1. Tattoo consultation, talk about what you want to do and see if I’m the right person to do it.
  2. 3 Hour Session, this is where we do the inking.
  3. If necessay we’ll do more sessions

I have two basic offerings:

  1. Flash / pre-drawn art – You select from my flash or provide me with a simple illustration to put on your body.
  2. Cusome design – I will work with you to create a custom hand drawn design in my style.

Check out my Instagram for more information

Note: I only do flash and custom work, I typically won’t put other people’s art on your body

Initial Consultation

We can meet in person or do this over the phone or video call. Schedule below:

Schedule the inking

It is probably best to schedule this after we have our consultation but if you feel very sure that you want to work with me then feel free to schedule the inking.

By scheduling, you agree to put down a non-refundable $50 deposit. I accept Venmo @dddrew or we can arrange an alternative. This deposit goes towards the total cost of the tattoo.



You choose a pre-made design and I put it on your body in one 3-hour session. The size and complexity are such that it can be done in one session.


Custom Art

We work together to create a custom piece just for you. The cost starts at $350 for the custome artwork and first 3 hour session and $200 for each additional 3-hour session.


I’ll request a downpayment as I start working on custom art, after our first consultation.

I also accept barter trades, if you make things or have access to things I need I’m happy to discuss.