Weekly Check-in 10/22

On the top of my mind:
Health Insurance – I need to start moving on this. I’ll research the best options and the steps required
New Economy Network – site is coming along well, but needs a good bit more work, I should do an audit
Studio ALA – the website needs to work better, it might be wise just to make a wordpress site and throw out all the old stuff… I’ll think about it.
Occupy – Movement Mondays seems to be coming together, I hope we can get more people to come out.
Glocal – The first big call is today! Things are moving along.
Gaggle – Launch party was the other day, now we need to set up analytics and market the game.
K+L – still working on the tommyjohn site, all is well here, making that money!

Got my computer fixed recently about to get it back mid week. Very excited to play some video games again, I just need to make sure I’m not spending my whole life infront of the box. Though when the winter comes I hope I can hunker down and really dig into some of these projects.

I haven’t been doing the weekly schedule thing, I need a strategy to set goals and milestones for myself. Perhaps I could begin using my WordPress site as a full service station for managing all that stuff. I’ll investigate time tracking programs, though it would be best to have it available off line… bah.





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