Sitting in the New Hampshire north. Under a wall mart gazebo tent. We set it up poorly, in the rain, this is why the poles are on the outside. Works just as well.

I’ve been on a trip with Devin and Leah for almost a week now. I left Julies place monday morning and took the train to Wassaic. Stayed on the farm (named arc38, that night, left my head lamp there. Tuesday we drove up to “Evan’s farm” then onto the1790 farm where we saw Katie. She seemed to be doing well. Being around Devin and Leah is making me miss Julie. Last time we were together they were having a blue. Now they couldn’t love each other more. They are a power couple.

The Occupy Farms project is going well. People are moving to the space and getting to work. Clark and Lilly were on Evan’s farm, we took them to PorcFest. It’s hard being the 5th wheel. I’ve been it before, but it’s harder now that there is a wonderful girl back home. I aught write her a love note.

So PorcFest, it’s great. It’s another culture. Liberty, Leah talks alot about it.There aren’t enough woman, and deeper than that there is something different. I feel it in the way that people take care of their own shit. There isn’t much of a freeness to this culture. Everything has a cost here. The free market. It doesn’t seem that bad an idea, as long as the market is free and as long as it is voluntary.

Clark keeps talking about “wouldn’t this be so easy and a good idea”. I feel so very past that. This trip makes everything feel more real. The farms that we spoke to are holding people. The network is growing. We have an idea of structures to work with in. Devin’s Sarapis is happening. Things are looking good. So I’m tired of hearing about what could be, some grand scheme. I want to hear about tomorrow, what’s the plan right now, what is the first step.

We are leaving PorcFest today, moving toward Detroit.





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