Been in Keene for the past two days.

We stayed with Michelle who I met down at OWS and had dinner with near Liberty Sq.

Visited KAC (Keene Activist Center). Met people from Cop Block and #fr33. Very interesting people with lots of parrelles between the activist down in NYC. There is a lot of silver. They see the collapes coming. There is no love for the state and I feel these people are committed to non-violent solutions.

We watched a video of Derick trying to light a bowl in a park, at a community festival for 420. There were kids and a general air of peace set against a number of police who ended up arresting Derick who, along with a sizable crowd, was singing “give peace a chance”.

I spoke to Derick about OWS. He was very interested in selling cigs down at Union Square. I would be thrilled to see the clash of voluntary culture at OWS. There seems to be a line between donation culture and self sufficiant culture. I think everyone wants to be self sufficiant but there is push back against making money (gaining welth) for work. I would love to see that teased out because I think the free state / city anarchist have so much in common and so much to learn from each other. Under the banner of non coersion and horizontalism there could be lots of progress.

We are now driving to a farm that volunteered to help host occupiers.





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