History of the Occupation

July 13 – culture-jamming activist group Adbusters put out a call for “20,000 people” to “flood into lower Manhattan, set up tents, kitchens, peaceful barricades and occupy Wall Street for a few months,”

Aug 2 – 1st General Assembly called by Bloombergville-New yorkers against budget cuts – at the charging bull

Aug 9 – 2nd General Assembly at the Irish Potato Famine Memorial around 200 people show up

Aug 13 – Sep 17 General Assembly meets every Saturday, 5pm at Tompkins Square park. Working groups are formed such as tactical, legal, internet, food, and out reach

Sep 17 – General Assembly scheduled for a 3pm meeting at Chase Plaza, due to baracade General Assembly moves to Zuccatti park, one of several back up locations choosen by the tactical working group

Sep 24 – March to Union Square amid severe police violence


Sitting in the New Hampshire north. Under a wall mart gazebo tent. We set it up poorly, in the rain, this is why the poles


Just spoke with Wes. He is really kicking ass, this guy seems like the real deal (or completely full of shit). He is getting Holegencia

occupiing wallstreet

(11:26:25 AM) Desi: Dreww!(12:00:43 PM) Idiotheque5: HEY!(12:00:46 PM) Idiotheque5: <3(12:07:21 PM) Desi: u still occupiing wallstreet bud(12:12:08 PM) Idiotheque5: yup(12:12:09 PM) Idiotheque5: kinda(12:12:17 PM) Idiotheque5: I’m working for the movement so to speak(12:12:50 PM) Desi: hm sounds good to me(12:13:06 PM) Idiotheque5: what’s