Do we have to keep pretending?

Do we have to keep pretending?

Aren’t we animated by the divine?

Hasn’t the earth created us whole
made us instruments of this game?

Made us ache to play. To keep playing.

We are sent by god, born of common seed. Are we not the end of a great chain?

The beginning of a story?

Blessed to know.
Cursed to see ourselves forget.

Don’t we remember?

I’m not alone here, am I?

Stuck pretending with y’all
like we aren’t
animated star

I was Born

I refuse to turn around on my way out. A breach baby insisting I come into this world feet first. No amount of coaxing will


Sitting in the New Hampshire north. Under a wall mart gazebo tent. We set it up poorly, in the rain, this is why the poles

Stop Moving

In October it will have been 3 years since I left my apartment in Crown Heights and set off on some kind of adventure. So