Cutting Class

I come to Brooklyn to attend Pratt for my sophomore year of college. The campus is even more beautiful than when I visited for that month in the summer before my senior year of high school.

I recall, after that program, I had gotten in a fight with my mom about the cost of going to Pratt. I remember screaming “I don’t care what it costs” I wanted to go to art school.

Summer 2007, I work a “real” job and find that I am learning more there than I in school. The campus recently went through a multi-million dollar beautification, yet the fine art studios are dilapidated and cramped. Next to the dorm where my friends live there is the footprint of a huge administration building waiting to be built.

Around the construction site a temporary wall. A white wall next to a fine art dorm full of students paying tens of thousands of dollars for the privilege.

And yet the wall stood blank.

A beautiful opportunity wasted. A beautiful campus and administration building to get the students in and extract money from them. Put them in 20 years of debt.

It wasn’t for me.

So I decided to drop out. I went to my councilor and told him as much. He said to me “Drew, you’ve already paid, might as well finish out the semester”.

I finished but on my own terms. I went to the classes I wanted to and did the homework I felt inspired to do. Then at the end of the semester I did my own final project.


Sitting in the New Hampshire north. Under a wall mart gazebo tent. We set it up poorly, in the rain, this is why the poles

Weekly Check-in 10/22

On the top of my mind:Health Insurance¬†– I need to start moving on this. I’ll research the best options and the steps requiredNew Economy Network¬†–

Left Coast

Flying east over the rocky mountains from LA. I’ll be home in NYC shortly. I wonder what it must have been like traversing the rockies