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I’ve been in a period of reflection these days and came across a folder from a recovered hard drive that contains some Occupy Wall Street data. One of them is a PDF that outlines the projects the Tech Working group was developing back in 2011-2012 during the time of Occupy Wall Street.

In those days I was one of the main drivers of that group. A leader in a leaderless (or leaderfull) orginazation.

The NYCGA Technology Operations Working Group (Tech Ops) supports the online communication and organization needs of OWS and the New York City General Assembly. We seek to provide online tools that promote participation among occupiers and beyond by extending communication streams and promoting the exchange of information. We do not editorialize, but rather support and reflect the structure and decisions of the GA, not guide them or alter them. Although we promote the use of Open Source solutions, we intend to use whatever technology will best meet the needs of the communities we serve.

You can download a copy of the PDF here. These are some of the projects we were working on.

nycga.net The social network for social change

Is looking for WordPress and Buddypress developers, specifically those with experience building and editing plugins. nycga.net is currently the main site used by OWS working groups in NYC to coordinate their activity, with forums, blogs, an event calendar, document hosting, and much more.

Permabank Currency liberation engine

Is looking for Python/Django developers and could also use web designers. Permabank is an alpha-stage project which, in the short term, will help match gifts/donations and wishes/needs, and in the long term, will be a platform for experimenting with alternative ways of running an economy.

Civicrm The human resource revolution

Tech Ops is looking for people with Civi development, configuration, or power user experience to help us make this open source “Constituent Relationship Manager” tool available to all of OWS. We are working with a number of working groups and other occupations to create a tool we can all use and that is consistent with our founding principles as a movement.

Project management

If you have experience as a project manager or product manager for an agile development team, almost any of our projects could use you.
Volunteer outreach: Follow up with individual volunteers & projects to match people to where they’re needed. No specific technical skills are required, but comfort talking tech would be a plus.


could use your help if you (a) have experience in online news and journalism; or (b) have experience with Drupal sites containing many videos and images. OccupyWallStreet.net is intended to be the public-facing voice of the GA at Liberty Plaza.


would benefit from a Drupal themer, ideally someone familiar with the Managing News installation profile. news.occupy.net collects news feeds from occupations around the world.


Help keep the Occupy Wiki organized! Edits need reviewing and we need to develop site structure as content evolves (for example, we just started getting Spanish submissions). Familiarity with MediaWiki (eg Wikipedia) would be useful, but it’s not hard to learn. If you’re passionate about documentation or library science, this is for you.


would benefit from a Redmine-experienced admin to lightly manage it, and maybe research or advise on plugins and project setup (trackers, categories, queries).

It’s pretty amazing the amount of work we got done in those few months together.





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