I have a friend named Karyn. It took me longer than I care to admit to realize she shared the phonic name with the now infamous #Karen.

#Karen is the name given to people (mainly white women) who want to speak to your manager or more recently want to call the police on people of color, often knowing full well the implied or explicit threat of violence that entails.

My Karyn couldn’t be more different than the caricature #Karen who flows across my feed. First of all, she is a full human with infinite complexities. She is whole, not an incomplete moment caught on a shaky cellphone camera.

Karyn is respectable where #Karen is despicable. Karyn left her comfy corporate bullshit job, along with the fat pay check it provided, to help teach our children.

Karyn is outspoken, not obnoxious. She is in the streets raising her voice. She does her studies and is listening to those who demand action and deserve equality. She is putting her body on the line to lift others up.

Where #Karen demands undue respect and acquiescence. Karyn is striving to do her best every day.

In the face of things that are scary or hard, Karyn is brave. I’ve been inspired by Karyn’s dedication to loving herself, singing out loud, and doing right in the world.

This is the #karyn we should be talking about.





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