Clip: Decolonizing Wealth in the Nation’s Biggest Charities

Chris Winters hosts a conversation with Edgar Villanueva on decolonizing the nation’s biggest charities.

In 2015, foundations gave away $62.8 billion to charities and nonprofits that do everything from fighting hunger and housing the homeless to retraining coal miners to curing cancer. but with a culture rooted in capitalism and endowments invested in Wall Street, bighearted foundations too often fail their missions. They are limited by the narrow mindset of the financial industry status quo.

“I think medicine is so sacred. By saying that money can be medicine, I’ve taken something that has a really negative connotation associated with it and put it with something saying that it can be sacred.”

Edgar Villanueva

“When I started working in a super-White space like philanthropy, I realized there were just a lot of differences between me and other people.”

Edgar Villanueva





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