Collective Liberation: Call to Donate to BLM

I am part of a Social Alchemy Pod doing anti-racism work under the name ‘Collective Liberation’, this is an email I sent to that group.

Hi friends,

On our last call, we decided to flex our ability to rally our people by donating and asking our networks to donate to Black Lives Matter 5280. Here’s a blurb I crafted from Kris’s longer letter (below).

It’s easy to become paralyzed, ashamed, or hyper-conceptual about the problems currently facing us. Now more than ever anti-racist work needs to be done by those who are able.

I am choosing to contribute to my local (Colorado) chapter of Black Lives Matter. Through their fiscal sponsor Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center here:

Here is Kris’s letter which you can use or adapt. Let’s donate and broadcast this directly to people in our community. The deadline is next Sunday June 7. Reply to this email to share any ideas or strategies that worked for you.

Hello to my beloved white friends – First off, sending my love to you.  I’m writing to you today because of the current bubbling over of racial tensions in cities across the US.  As we witness the horrors and injustices that are being done to people of color right now many of us experience intense waves of shame, numbness, outrage, powerlessness, grief, and many other colors of emotion. I hope you’re letting yourself feel whatever is arising and that you’re being gentle with yourself in this time of collective civil unrest.

I’m writing to you because if you’re like me, you’re wanting to help support the current movement against police brutality, white violence and white supremacy.  It can be complicated to figure out how best to throw your privilege behind the forces of anti-oppression.  For the last few months I’ve been involved in an anti-racism pod of white folks called ‘Collective Liberation’, and it has been a powerful process unpacking our privilege and power and seeing out loud how we take part in the racist system and how do our part to dismantle it.  It’s heavy stuff but it also at times makes my heart feel unshackled – I’ve felt tremendous relief at finally having an outlet for the conversation that frames so much, and the much-needed conversation returns me over and over again to a deeper sense of love, healing, and compassion.

I’m writing to you because it’s time for us to take action together in the name of equality and justice.  For Collective Liberation, that means making a large one-time group contribution to our local (Colorado) chapter of Black Lives Matter.  I’m asking you to join us and contribute whatever $ amount you can give.  It’s too easy to become paralyzed, ashamed, or hyper-conceptual about the problems.  The bottom line is – anti-racist work needs to be done by us, now, and this is a way for you and I to do it.  It’s important that we let what moves us in the heart motivate us into action.  

Donate through Black Lives Matter 5280 fiscal sponsor Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center here:

Thanks for your kind attention and please don’t hesitate to reach out with any thoughts, feelings, questions, etc…

With love,




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