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a disassembled gun on a table

Power Over Can’t Be Hidden

No matter how flat the power structure, no matter how democratic a group claims to be, if there is someone in the group who can at any moment pick up the phone and have armed police come and veto any decision made by the collective, there is a tricky power dynamic.

The Shut Down of a Pro Police Rally

We begin the short march down the street, past the homeless encampment, to Civic Center Park amphitheater. There was a cacophony of noisemakers, clanging pots, whistles, and blow horns. The throngs of counter-protesters engulf the east and south sides of the amphitheater.

Civic Engagement to end Police Violence

I’m trying to deepen my involvement in local politics. It’s hard to understand and follow who my representatives are, what they are doing, and how


Collective Liberation: Call to Donate to BLM

I am choosing to contribute to my local (Colorado) chapter of Black Lives Matter. Through their fiscal sponsor Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center here: