Patterns for Decentralised Organising

The following are excerpts from Richard D. Bartlett’s work in progress book. Eventually I came to understand “Occupy” as a short chapter in an ongoing

Let’s Get Better at Demanding Better from Tech

To hear Facebook tell it, staying in touch with your friends is impossible, unless you give in to continuous, covert surveillance of everything you do online. Ask Apple and they’ll tell you that having a functional phone is inseparable from allowing a distant, multibillion-dollar corporation decide who can repair it and whose software you’re allowed to use. Ask Google and they’ll tell you that providing a critical search-interface to the web can’t be done without (again) spying on everything you do.

Blockchain is not only crappy technology but a bad vision for the future

Projects based on the elimination of trust have failed to capture customers’ interest because trust is actually so damn valuable. A lawless and mistrustful world where self-interest is the only principle and paranoia is the only source of safety is a not a paradise but a crypto-medieval hellhole.

The Social Smart Contract

The following is from the Democracy Earth white paper which outlines a plan to give digital citizenship to the whole world of people. It’s a

The demise of the nation state

the waning of the nation state: its inability to withstand countervailing 21st-century forces, and its calamitous loss of influence over human circumstance.  nation states have

Can We Be Saved From Facebook?

We need to break up Facebook, the same way we broke up Standard Oil, AT&T and countless other less-terrifying overgrown corporate tyrants of the past. The moral if not legal reason is obvious: A functioning free press just can’t coexist with an unaccountable private regulator.

The Smallness of Mark Zuckerberg

There’s no credible evidence, none at all, to indicate that this jackal [Mark Zuckerberg] has changed his spots, stripes, whatever, since he wrote this private message to a friend at Harvard back in the early aughts:

Opting into collaboration with Good Good Work

Relationships are built on mutually understood agreements. More often than not, these agreements are based on mutually implicit understandings of common terms. Employee, best friend, peer, co-worker, manager, president, CFO, etc. all have implicit meanings which we assume are commonly understood. In my experience, we can often trace problems in relationships back to misalignment in …

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Fractals: Considerations for More Effective Change-Making

Last month was the 6 year anniversary of #OCCUPYWALLST, a political movement in the US that needs no introduction. September 17th, 2011 was a pivotal point in my life. It was the day I started down a road divergent from the status quo, the day I left the confused world of early 20’s “adulting” and…

Presenting Change Up at the Twin Oaks Communities Conference

Over Labor Day weekend, a small group of Agile Learning Facilitators attended the Twin Oaks Communities Conference in central Virginia to host a workshop titled Culture Hacking 101, covering the Agile Learning Center Change Up meetings and the Community Mastery Board. We wanted to share this ALC culture creation practice with people who work hard …

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ALC One Pagers

I’ve been working on some single page info sheets that explain ALC and some of our tools. Over the past several months these pages have grown into a nice little package. I’ve just given them a design pass to spruce them up a bit based on the work I’ve been doing developing the ALC Style …

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