Laziness Does Not Exist

If a person’s behavior doesn’t make sense to you, it is because you are missing a part of their context. It’s that simple.

A Unified Theory of Everything Wrong with the Internet

Soon we will reach a technological inflection point, where we will spend more of our time engaged with the digital world than not. The outsize influence of this alternate universe we are building makes it incumbent upon us to think critically and openly about its impact on society.


“Pleasure eases pain; good sex defuses tension; love lessens violence; you can’t very well fight a war while you’re having an orgasm.”

The EcoSexual Awakening

The ecosexual seeks to move toward reunion with all the lost and alienated parts of himself, human or otherwise.

The Language of Labia

Discovery of the Grafenberg spot [G-Spot] was claimed by Ernest Grafenberg first in 1950. He described it as a part of the vagina that upon proper simulation would produce intense orgasms. Once again, it had to be named after the man, right? Well, that’s how we got the fallopian tubes, the bartholin glands, and skene’s glands.

Gwyneth, Ivanka, and the End of the Effortless White Woman

women are rejecting the idea that happiness is an individual responsibility, or that we should aspire to inner peace when the outer world is a catastrophe. Women will be happy when we live in a world that supports women. It’s not individual effort, but collective protest, that will bring that world into being.

Women’s Internationalism against Global Patriarchy

The problem today is not identity-based politics, but liberalism’s co-optation thereof to remove its radical intersectional and anti-capitalist roots. As a result, mostly white female heads of state, female CEOs and other female representatives of a bourgeois order based on sexism and racism are crowned as the icons of contemporary feminism by the liberal media — not the militancy of women in the streets who risk their lives in the struggle against police states, militarism and capitalism.

The Cost of Male Comfort Is Female Pain

Men can afford pain because when faced with the spectacle of male pain, our culture’s first instinct is to look for whatever is making him uncomfortable and remove it — and, more often than not, what is making him uncomfortable is a woman asking for more than he’s prepared to give.

Kurdish Women Struggle for a Next System in Rojava

how do Kurdish women join the fight against ISIS in such numbers, and why are women on the forefront of the struggle? What is the history behind this remarkable departure from the norm, and what can advocates for systemic change and feminism learn from Rojava?

What Do We Do with the Art of Monstrous Men?

Certain pieces of art seem to have been rendered inconsumable by their maker’s transgressions—how can one watch The Cosby Show after the rape allegations against Bill Cosby? I mean, obviously it’s technically doable, but are we even watching the show? Or are we taking in the spectacle of our own lost innocence?

Why America’s is the Rich World’s Most Abusive Society Towards Women

So the [American] male, entering this world, is right at home — especially the one who is already entitled to the fulfillment of his desire. He is perfectly happy using his powers to abuse society, the economy, the poor, and so on — he does not see it as abuse at all, but only as taking what is his. Hence, American corporate culture is rife with workplace abuse in a way that is truly unique in the world — because it is a remnant of American patriarchy, yet another band of brothers, whose sole purpose is to expand its dominion, and satisfy its desire.

How to Be an Anticapitalist Today

One way to challenge capitalism is to build more democratic, egalitarian, participatory economic relations in the spaces and cracks within this complex system wherever possible, and to struggle to expand and defend those spaces.