This page is dedicated to my best friend Ainslie who was struck and killed by a car while biking in Denver. This is my (Drew Hornbein’s) personal memorial, the family’s memorial website can be found here

Memorial Slideshow

Here is a slideshow that we’ll be sharing at the memorial. You can view the slideshow and speaker photos here.

👉 edit the slideshow to add your own slides

If you have pictures of Ainslie you can submit them in the following ways:

  1. This iCloud shared album
  2. This Google Photo group, just click join (top left) and you should be able to add photos
  3. Email photos to

Photo memorial fund

I’m gathering money to print photos of Ainslie to give away to friends and family. Any extra money will go to publishing a book of her photography. Ains was a brilliant film photographer and I’d like to create a collection of her work.

To add to the fund send money to one of these sources and leave a memo “photos”